Please nominate any Utah snowmobiler, family, youth, club, dealer, or groomer who is deeply committed to the success of organized snowmobiling. These individuals will be highly involved in local snowmobile-related organizations that strive regularly to make the sport enjoyable and accessible for others who want to enjoy this sport. All nominations will be reviewed by the Utah Snowmobile Association awards committee and winners will be announced at the USA’s Annual Meeting.

The Utah Snowmobile Association recognizes six different individuals/groups each year for their efforts to build and sustain the sport during the year. All nominations are due by March 31 of each year. Submissions made after this time will be considered for the next round of awards. 

Award Categories

  • Snowmobiler of the Year*
  • Snowmobile Family of the Year*
  • Youth Snowmobiler of the Year*
  • Snowmobile Club of the Year*
  • Snowmobile Dealer of the Year
  • Groomer of the Year 

*Must be a current USA member.