With the Utah Snowmobile Association's focus on education, we've helped dozens of local students learn more about the sport as well as prepare for the future with the USA Scholarship.

Scholarship Guidelines:

  • Student must be either a graduating senior or a person currently enrolled in a college, technical, or vocational program.
  • Student must be a member of the USA
  • Student must submit an essay that answers the following question and satisfies the listed criteria:
  • Essay Topic: The cost of everything in winter recreation over the past ten years has skyrocketed. Snowmobiling is an expensive sport when you take into consideration all things connected to it. Groomers and all their attachments, the ones doing the grooming, a home for the groomer, Sno-Parks, plowing, administration, trail construction/maintenance, and the list goes on. Money does not grow on trees in the USA or CANADA. Even when we find money to help our cause, we run into roadblocks because of the origin of the items we are trying to buy. There must be a better way.
  • Essay Challenge: In the USA and CANADA, there is money available to support our needs in the snowmobile world. Finding it, qualifying it, and acquiring it is the beginning of your challenge. See List Below and answer each question in your essay:
    • Where traditionally do the funds come from for your local and State / Provincial snowmobile needs?
    • What are the funds available to be used on?
    • How do you petition for these funds?
    • Are there funds available that are not being petitioned for in your area?
    • Finally, can you share with us your thoughts and ideas of how to financially support our cause for the next generation of snowmobilers?
  • Essay Criteria:
    • 10 pages, typed, double spaced
    • Times New Roman 12 point font
    • Max 1" margin on all sides
    • Cover letter attached to 10 page essay
    • Resume detailing your involvement in snowmobiling and extra-curricular school activities
    • Submit the below form before April 30th