With the Utah Snowmobile Association's focus on education, we've helped dozens of local youth learn more about the sport as well as prepare for the future with the USA Scholarship.

Scholarship Guidelines:

  • Youth must be 18 years of age or younger and must be enrolled in a local high school or equivalent
  • Youth must be a member of the USA
  • Youth must submit an essay that answers the following question and satisfies the listed criteria:
  • Essay Topic: With so much new technology in the Snowmobile / Snowbike / Winter Motorized industry, we are going places we never imagined 50 years ago. Consequently, some are going places they are not supposed to go, causing a trespassing problem in wilderness, wildlife ranges, and private and non-motorized areas. Unfortunately, these events affect everyone negatively and the end result is closed trails and areas. How would you solve this issue to help snowmobilers in Utah maintain and even expand future access?
  • Essay Criteria:
    • 10 pages, typed, double spaced
    • Times New Roman 12 point font
    • Max 1" margin on all sides
    • Cover letter attached to 10 page essay
    • Resume detailing your involvement in snowmobiling and extra-curricular school activities
    • Submit the below form before April 30th