The Utah Snowmobile Association (USA) is aware of the DEIS (Draft Environmental Impact Statement) plan for the Manti-La Sal National Forest, and we are in the process of reviewing it. We have several areas of concern about these plans (Alternatives A, B, C, and D) regarding open access. We are actively spreading the word about these alternatives because we are currently in the period to submit comments to the Forest Service that oppose any closures. The Utah Snowmobile Association and it’s members will be submitting comments about our concerns.  We strongly encourage everyone who reads this to do the same. 

The most concerning items are the SEVEN new proposed Wilderness areas on the Skyline and San Pitch alone, as well as an additional SIXTEEN through the rest of the forest district of the La Sal. While we at the USA feel it is of extreme importance to protect our national forest, we feel just as strongly that everyone has a right to enjoy and recreate in the forest, including the motorized community. If these areas were to be designated as Wilderness, Primitive, or Semi-Primitive Non-Motorized, it would mean the closure of roads, trails and multiple open areas inside the boundary. This would effectively ban all motorized travel whether ATV, UTV, Motorcycle or Snowmobile, as well as any other self-propelled vehicles, gas or electric. It would also impose a host of other stringent and restrictive regulations set by the Forest Service including (potentially) logging and fire suppression. We ask that all who enjoy recreating in these areas become familiar with these plans and submit a dignified and useful comment to help protect our right to be able to access the forest. 

We cannot stress enough how important it is to submit a constructive comment. When commenting, include where you, your family or your friends have ridden and what your experience(s) were. It’s really important to remember these are proposals. Please keep emotions and profanity out! Only your opposition and why these areas are important to you. 

The comment period ends Nov 16th 2023 and will be followed likely next year by an objection period, when the plan gets closer to finalization. No objections will be accepted by the Forest Service from anyone who didn’t comment. The forest service is currently favoring Alt B. USA currently supports Alt A, which is to manage it the way it is currently being managed.

We have included a link to the interactive map, as well as the comment page.

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The Utah Snowmobile Association regularly works with local and national leaders to ensure that Utah snowmobilers are fully represented. Additionally, the Utah Snowmobile Association participates in community meetings to voice sledders concerns over land access issues.

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